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Note: We have made every effort to offer the most convenient schedules for your trip to and from Fire Island. In some instances there are no connecting services (where the LIRR schedule service and the Sayville Ferry schedule coincide at a reasonable time), or alternate services available.
As for alternates, in most instances convenient connections can be made through Ronkonkoma Station - and we have noted on the Fairy Schedule. Ronkonkoma Station can be reached by taxi in about 15 minutes ($19). Occasionally the bus service will choose to take you to Ronkonkoma Station rather than Sayville Station. Advisory & Schedule updates via Text Message MTA / LIRR Service Alerts
LIRR Planned Service Advisories Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Fare from Penn (or Atlantic) to Sayville - 2019 Fares Peak Fares are charged during business rush hours, on any weekday train scheduled to arrive in NYC terminals between 6 and 10 AM or depart NYC terminals between 4 and 8 PM. Off Peak Fares are charged all other times on weekdays, all day on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays.

Use the MTA eTix app on your mobile deice to buy your tickets even as you board! LIRR Long Island Getaway Fares Discount travel package for same day use only.

  • Details for The Pines here
  • Details for Cherry Grove here
Walk to the Ferry (map) - On a nice day with 30 minutes or more to spare, a brisk walk to the ferry can take 25 minutes. Colonial Limo/Taxi 631-589-3500
  • Transfer to Ferry: Bus $5 / Taxi $6
  • (meets all incoming trains and ferries)
  • $19 to/from Ronkonkoma LIRR Train station
  • $20 to/from Islip Airport
Sayville Ferry
41 River Road
Sayville, NY 117782-0626 631-589-0810
  • Round trip $18 - round trip required (yep, it went up! Your Commutation Fare Card (40 trips) is still valid. Lucky you!
  • Senior Citizens (displaying Suffolk County Senior Citizens card) Round Trip$16.00
  • Dog (any size) $5.00/ea
  • The Sayville Ferry has updated their carry-on policy. See details here.
Bus Service (to and from Manhattan)
  • Colonial occasionally runs a Monday trip to Manhattan (Penn Station) from the 12noon ferry. $20. Arrives about 2pm - a 90 minute ride.
  • You have to inquire at (888)451-9511 to see if the service will be offered, and which ferry it will meet.
Water Taxi (to/from Cherry Grove and The Pines, or from Bayshore, no service from Sayville)
  • South Bay / 631-665-8885
  • Aqualine / 631-665-5566
  • Fire Island Water Taxi: scheduled — and late night — direct service between Cherry Grove and Fire Island ($8), and other island destinations.


The Pines
Emergencies Dial 911 , then 1-631-597-6160
Doctor’s Office
577 Coast Guard Walk
Whyte Hall Community Center
Cherry Grove
Emergencies Dial 911 , then 1-631-597-6767
Cherry Grove Medical Clinic


Cherry Grove

The Pines


Walk to the Ferry - On a nice day with 30 minutes or more to spare, a brisk walk to the ferry can take 25 minutes. Fire Island Pines Address Map [coming soon] Fire Island Map - google Cherry Grove Walk Map [coming soon] Cherry Grove Map - google Road Directions to Sayville Ferry - google


This Next Magazine article sums up the dining options in Cherry Grove and The Pines.

Grocery, Shopping & Spirits

888-720-6093 Grove Liquor (Dune & Ocean Walk)

  • Friday: 12n - 10pm
  • Saturday: 12n - 10pm
  • Sunday: 12n - 8:00pm
Pines Pantry Cam - Live from Pines Harbor
The former Peter's Meat Market / Deli is now operated by The Pines Pantry. Pines Liquor (Hours same as Pines Pantry)
631-597-6442 Fire Island Business Directory (Pines & Grove)


Whether you want to talk or text, use wireless Internet, or just in need of using your "buddy finding" app. Here's the low-down on what to expect: Mobile Phone Services
Note: This is an island.
Despite the location mobile phone service has improved in recent years. Most cell towers are located on the mainland near Sayville. So the bay-side, or houses on higher elevations will have better reception than beach-side houses. Coverage by service:
Service Provider Verizon* - Excellent
AT&T ** - Poor
T-Mobile - Good
Sprint - Poor
* Verizon has cell towers on Whyte Hall
** AT&T Micro Cells are available locally through TPP Wireless for $15/month (TPP Wireless account required) Internet Services Note again: This is an island.
We are all sharing a link to the mainland, and that signal is wirelessly transmitted around the community. Given the circumstances the service works surprisingly well, however, it is effected by weather (rain, fog, and heat) and the number of users at any given time. Service Providers
TPP Wireless (operated by Pines Pantry) - Hourly, daily, and seasonal residential service available. Dedicated technical support.
Service covers Cherry Grove, The Pines, and Water Island.
Contact Pine Pantry for more information at 631-597-6200 or TPPWireless Barrier Free offers Residential Service at (800) 982-3841

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