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We ran a poll for a few weeks at the begging of May 2015. We asked if adding the Ronkonkoma Station connections would be of value on The Fairy Schedule. I was skeptical, however, much to my surprise, there was a great deal of interest.

A clear majority of 44% wanted the information, with another 24% with “No Opinion.” We can presume it might be of some value to them. 32% did not see value in adding Ronkonkoma as it might also cause some confusion.
Ronkonkoma Poll

So, it’s been decided and Ronkonkoma connections have been added to the schedule. We are working on ways to make it a little less confusing. We hope to have that resolved soon.

You businesses, listen to the data. There’s an opportunity here. You’re welcome.

It is definitely a simpler ride from Penn Station to Ronkonkma Station. No changing trains, and it’s a quick ride. The real time difference is the ride to Sayville Ferry. It’s about a 16-20 minute ride depending on traffic.

Having said all that, there is something lost in not taking the train to Sayville. There’s something unique and inconvenient about having to change trains at Jamaica, or most often, Babylon. There’s also the crowded busses that shuttle you to the ferry. I have no doubt the sightseeing is better on this route, than a taxi ride from Ronkonkoma. On the bus you make connections, or spot ones you want to connect with in a different way later. It’s part of the Fire Island experience.

And then there’s the exercise option from Sayville. There’s a few times a day when there about 40 minutes to take that 20+ minute walk to or from the Sayville Station to the Sayville Ferry.

It is generally more expensive to take transport from Ronkonkoma to Sayville Ferry. However, if there’s three or more of you in a group, it could actually be less expensive overall.

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