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Fire Island Pines (Paradise)
is now available in two sizes

This unique souvenir photo book illustrates a day or a summer at Fire Island Pines. The journey to get there, fun in the sun, the fabulous houses, low tea drinkin’ and party’n, meeting new friends, and enjoying the sunset show.

Second Edition Hardcover

Made the same unique way as the sold out First Edition, it’s handmade using photographic paper and a binding process that allows every page spread to lay flat without any gutter or seam to separate pages. It combines beautiful presentation with incredible durability.This 2nd edition is physically larger, and contains more images.

The smaller photo book is 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide – 6″ x 12″ (15×30 cm) photo spreads when open. 14 pages.
The larger photo book is 8 inches tall and 8 inches wide – 8″ x 16″ (20×40 cm) photo spreads when open. 14 pages.
Fire Island Pines Photo Book Diva Cover
Order the 6-inch Photobook from Etsy for $35. Order the 8-inch Photobook from Amazon for $39.



Beach Day – A panoramic view of a typical sunny beach day weekend at Fire Island Pines.
12″ x 36″ c-print on lustre paper. $25.00 + shipping. Suitable for framing.
Fire Island Pines Poster - Beach Kiss


Additional souvenir travel posters featuring photographs taken around Fire Island Pines. 11″ x 17″ poster suitable for framing. Image mortised on white background. The caption reads “Fire Island Pines” and “Long Island, New York”. Price: $7.00 (+shipping)
Digital offset print. Shipped domestically and internationally (please enquire) in suitable packaging.

Beach Kiss – two men in a passionate embrace and kiss. The beach grasses in the foreground are more in focus so as not to impose on the moment.
Fire Island Pines Poster - Beach Kiss


Beach Walk – a beach at Fire Island Pines – the exclusive gay beach community. Beach-goers leave their shoes and sandals on the boardwalk as they approach the white sands of the beach.
Fire Island Pines Poster - Beach Walk


The Sayville ferry crossing bay at Sunset. The ferry, the only way to get to Fire Island Pines community is an iconic image related to The Pines.
Fire Island Pines Poster - Ferry


The Invasion of the Pines – A collage of images from the yearly event “The Invasion of the Pines” where a boat load of merry men dressed in drag arrive from neighboring Cherry Grove, to ‘invade’ The Pines.
Image mortised on white background. The caption reads “The Invasion of the Pines” and “Fire Island, New York”
Fire Island Pines Poster - The Invasion of the Pines

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