Welcome to the 10th season of The Fairy Schedule.

This site came about as a result of some frustration juggling train, and ferry schedules, while trying to sort out when to leave New York, and if I would arrive before Pines Liquor closed. So, I made a chart – well lots of them actually – and thought I’d share them.

We try our best to make sure the schedules are accurate and current. As soon as schedules are updated by the LIRR and Sayville Ferry, they will also be updated here in short order. The Fairy Schedule is updated when published bulletins are available. We can’t take responsibility for last minute schedule changes by either the LIRR or Sayville Ferry. We apologies for any errors that may cause inconvenience.

To check on service alerts or service advisories on LIRR click here, or the Useful Links Section of this site.

About the name of this site: We’re the fairies who mashed-up the train schedule with the ferry schedule to create Thee a site that’s as helpful as a magical fairy for all us fairies, and non-fairies, who take the ferry to the World of Faerie – and want to be there in time to be with the other fairies, and non-fairies, at the magical fairy tea dance.
It’s a Fairy-tail, really!

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New this season – a collection of photo books,  and posters.
Check out the Pines souvenir book, a unique photo book illustrates a day or a summer at Fire Island Pines. the journey to get there, fun in the sun, the fabulous houses, low tea drinkin’ and party’n, meeting new friends, and enjoying the sunset show.